Friday, October 12, 2012

hair cuts (July)

 yes, in July I finally decided my hair was "too long" (I'd been fighting
that thought for months!) and got it cut!  it did sure feel good and I got some good layers again!

 and, Zoey got her first hair cut!
really it was more of a trim ... and I'm still sad that Yaya wasn't the one to be able to do it!
if only we could have flown up to Oregon for a hair cut!

she did pretty good for it and it looked a lot better with those "stragglies" gone!

Jericho finally got his mow-hawk! 
except, I asked for a "faux hawk" (ok, I chickened a bit at the last minute - but I never
intended to let him have fully shaven sides, I'm not a fan of any sort of buzzed look) and what
he got was a little weird!  the same lady cut my hair hair that day and she wasn't my fave -
in fact, the hair cut (of mine) you see above was not her work, I went back the next
day and got the layers I had asked for - that she felt I shouldn't have!!!
... anyway, as you can see, he was thrilled!!!

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