Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the randoms! (August)

 Zoey really enjoyed the cleared out room after I had shampooed the carpets!!!

I tried a recipe from pinterest - the kids loved it!

I had seen these cool toy bags on a blog (can't remember it though) and so I decided
to try my own version!  turned out not too bad and now Zoey's blocks have a home!

I'm sorry - but all I can come up with for this one is ...
"rolling with the homies"!!!!!

look at that stair climber cutie!

the day hubby was coming home from Florida (he was getting in in the evening)
we had a yard sale!  lots of stuff left that day and we had quite a successful sale!

the hubs wanted to try a ten-by-ten ... but when I stopped at In 'N Out for him, they said
the biggest they could do was a four-by-four!  so, that's what he got!
looks pretty delicious doesn't it ... dang, I want a cheeseburger!!!

and then rounds up August!  
next up, September!!!

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