Wednesday, October 10, 2012

have mercy (July)

Annicka has always had a flair for the dramatics!  if I was so concerned about my time, I'd search through my old blog and find the post about her coming into my room late one night and dramatically ripping a paper heart in half as she said something like "and that just break (rip) my heart"!!!  true story.

anyway, one of her more recent ways of showing her creative/dramatic side is by issuing, what I call, "fishing notes".  what happens is that when she is sent to her room, after a while we will see a note (often with something like a stuffed animal too) dangling in the stair well - where we can see it from downstairs!  I haven't photo documented each time this has happened ... and at this point I can't even remember if I blogged about this before?  but here's one from July that was pretty entertaining!

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