Monday, October 22, 2012

beauty and fun (October)

 it's no secret that I can't resist sunset pics!
usually I catch the sunset only if I'm out and about (our house is weird -
we have very few windows and none downstairs that face west) and of course, don't
have my camera!  but sometimes I'm just home and go outside and happen to notice ... 
and this was one such evening!

so, I grabbed the camera and the three kids that were inside and made a little
outing of going to take my sunset pics ... which, turned into fun times at the little park near
our house ... which, turned into pics of my cute kids!

she was very upset to have to leave!

tried to catch some pics of mama & Zoey ... 
this was my fave, we're both making stink faces!  LOL!!

and later that night, I had to grab the camera again and try to capture the beauty of the moon!

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