Thursday, October 18, 2012

invited to a launch (September)

ok, here's the story ...

I was pretty excited to open an email and discover that we were invited to go to the launch of a rocket here on base!  we've heard/seen these from our house, but I've always wanted to get a closer, "better" view and get some closer/better photos!

the only drawback was that I got the email the day before the launch, and read it the next morning!  I had a little internal battle for about an hour over what to do, as we had to meet at a time that was before the boys would be out of school and I figured we wouldn't be back in time for when they do get out.  my excitement for the event won out and I decided that yes, we would go and yes, I would just get the boys out of school early!

of course, I didn't plan to well and went to get them "early" but it was just barely early for Jericho and that meant that there was no where to park (it's a long story, but our school has a not so great parking situation) ... I had to park a little ways away and then tried to speed walk to get over to the office and get Jericho called out!  let's just say I was a little bit ... befuddled by the time I had the boys and we all made our way to the van!

but we got there in plenty of time to catch our bus ride to the launch ... and boy was Liam excited to ride a bus!  it was his first bus ride and he was thrilled with it!  of course, me -affectionately known as the "carseat nazi"- being me, I had my own set of reservations ... but, heck, we only live once and I figured what the hay!!!  so, yes, all of us rode that bus ... the little had no carseats ... and, heck, none of us even had a seatbelt!  and we were all just fine!

anyway, back to the real story!  so, we get there and get all seated and begin our wait.  anyone with kids ... ok, most people with kids, knows how fun waiting is with them in tow.  not. so. much.  and I hadn't brought the stroller, having been unsure if I could bring it on the bus and unsure what the set up would be once we got there (and we totally could've had it there, just sayin) so Zoey had to sit on my and Annicka's laps!  (we took turns)

I might mention, at this point, that the weather wasn't the best that day.  it was cloudy and when we arrived at the look out spot (or whatever it's properly called) I noticed how foggy it was too!

the wait was finally over and the countdown began.  imagine the silence that came over us all, yes - even the small kids!

five ... four ... three ... two ... one ...


it was pretty loud, though it was still quite far away - so not as loud as I imagined it might be.  but we saw nothing.  NOTHING!

there was just too much fog, so that's all we could see:  fog!

the next day I heard some people saying the could see the rocket from housing ... awesome.

but, ya know what, it was still an experience.  it was still an adventure.  and it will always be a memory!

and that makes me happy!

waiting ...

the boys did not just sit to wait! 
Liam decided to practice his monkey skills!!!

and Jericho took off to the highest bench and hung out with some other boys!

when it was getting closer to time, I had Liam sit with us!
I think he was telling me something here?  but I can't remember what?
perhaps how a rocket goes up in the sky???

and, just because of the end result, I had to have a little fun with some of our pics!
I just took their expressions and combined it with their personalities and made these up!
it should be noted that I put "lame" in Liam's thought bubble because it's one of his favorite
words ... no, I'm not kidding.  and it rocks my socks off to my four year old say something like:
"not this baby show, it's lame"
does my sarcasm translate in written form?  no?  well I'm being sarcastic - the "lame" comments do not rock!

on the way home, we sat in the "far back" - per Liam's request!
which was pretty fun - cause Zoey could stand up and look out the back window!
(with me and/or Annicka hanging onto her - firmly - I might add)
when we arrived, I reached my arm back to catch this pic of how she looked from the other side!

and this was taken while we were still driving!
yes, he fell asleep!

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