Saturday, October 27, 2012

the green outfit ...

for about half a second I thought about linking to the post of Jericho wearing this outfit ... but given that the old blog (where I'm pretty sure it is) is private and the fact that I don't feel like searching for it ... I decided, eh!

anyway, here is Liam - our little ladies man - sporting a super special outfit!  somewhere I have photos ... real, actual, before I had a digital camera photos ... of Annicka in this outfit!  yep - it started as hers!  then, I have photos of Jericho in it, as referenced above.  and now, I have photos of Liam in it!  next up will be Zoey - but she's got some growing to do ... and since all four of my kids have worn it - it might make into a "save" box for grandkids!  that's right people, I'm serious!

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