Tuesday, October 16, 2012

first days of school! (August)

finally, right!  but we all know that I'm behind here, so pretty much everything is a "finally"!!!

so, yes, back in August the kids went back to school!
Annicka was first, she started just two days before daddy came home from Florida ...
then, since he was home, daddy got to be a part of the boys first days!

here's Annicka ...
she had to use my computer those first couple days, since 
we had to wait for daddy to finish hooking hers up!

here's Jericho ...
isn't he a cutie!  I love how he likes to have hair gel and have his hair slicked down!

here's Liam ...
I had to do collages for our little man! 
preschool is a big deal, ya know - so lots of pics were taken!
technically Liam's "first day" was just an orientation, but it ended up being more
than the hour we were told ... I have to say, he loved it immediately!
he headed for the lego table right off and was there quite a while before deciding to
move to the play-dough table!  after washing his hands, he was back to building with legos!
(and back to play dough too - silly goose)  then the teacher had them sit on the carpet
and sing some songs and then she read to them.  after that we did a project together - the parents
and kids, then it was time to explore outside.  finally, the two kids that wanted a snack
got one and then it was time to head home!!!
I love these special times with my sweet babies, love you little Liam - can't believe
you're in school now ... but I'm so happy that you love it so much!

Liam's "actual" first day!
as soon as he saw these shoes, he had to have them!  so, on his first day of
actually going to preschool on his own (8-24-12) I took a pic of them - ya know, before they get trashed!

here's a close up of the project him and I did together at pre-school orientation, after the teacher
read "The Kissing Hand" to the kids!  ... so sweet, I need to get this laminated and add it to our art wall!

and, because I'm in love with this pic, I had to share it full size!  my sweet faced little Liam!

and that concludes the first day of school pics of 2012!!!

I still can't believe I have a sixth grader, second grader, preschooler, and soon to be preschooler!

the other day (October) I was feeling like I blinked from being nineteen years old, and suddenly
have an 11, 7, 4, and 2 year old ... all with birthdays coming in the next few months!  wow!!!

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