Saturday, October 20, 2012

stripper? streaker? (September)

 I'm sure you can all imagine my surprise when I walked into the living room one day and found this:
of course, she wasn't edited to be covered - so what I saw was a completely naked little girl!
(I had to edit it to make it appropriate for sharing, of course)

I was quick to see all her clothing that had been removed and thrown over
the side of her play yard ... wow, Zozo, really!!!

and let me mention that I use the word "stripper" very literally ... 
I mean, correct me if I'm wrong - but did she or did she not "strip" her clothes off?
so, that was my surprise that day - a little streaker!

p.s. for those of you wondering why she was in her play yard and why I wasn't right there with her,
did I mention Annicka is home schooling?  yah - some days Zoey has to spend some time
in here (and, she usually loves it, by the way - she plays and watches tv) while I focus on school!

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