Sunday, October 21, 2012

ewwwww. really!!! (September)

to round out September (yes, that's all I have for September folks ... I told you I had backed off of my photo taking, somewhat subconsciously, due to being so behind with the blog) I'll share this pic of a mouse.   

a wild mouse.  

a wild mouse that my daughter caught.

you heard me right.  she was so proud too, but I was freakin out when she came in -
yes IN- with her hands held tight together, cupping something, and said "mama guess what?! I 
caught a mouse!  a real one!  in the neighbor's yard!  but told tell (name of child) or she'll say it's
hers!  I caught her mouse!".  really.  REALLY!

to somewhat ease my mind, she explained that she had used a gallon size "sandwich bag" on her hands,
so she hadn't actually touched the mouse!  still, ewww.  and still, quit holding it - before it bites you!

she found a container for it, at which point I took some pics to remember this
joyous occasion.  and then, I made her take it to the field across the street and let it go.

the evil side of me almost wishes I had just killed the darn thing ...
we now have a mouse (or mice?) in our garage/house!

dang it.

so far we've caught one and I'm keeping an eye out for evidence of more!

p.s. also, before we realized we had one (or more) in the house, Jericho had found a dead mouse
in the garage one day while my friend was watching my kids!  fun for her!!!  but I guess
I shouldn't have been too surprised, since the neighbors had apparently been having mouse issues!
and just fyi, the occurrence of her catching this mouse and our discovery of having one
in the house was about a month apart!  yikes!!!

and that does it folks!  I think I can say I'm now "caught up" since all the pics from summer
through September are up!  now onto October, phewf!

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