Monday, September 12, 2011

we'll be back soon ...

for those of you who read our blog -and especially those that got used to daily posts- don't worry, all is well! it's just that my parents were here for two weeks, I was way behind on editing photos, I barely pulled my camera out while they were here ... yah, I'm really regretting that now, and ... well, blogging just really got "put on the back burner" - as the saying goes!

but I'll be getting back to it real soon here! and, for fun, here's a couple pics from mid August ...

how nice to have a big sissy who wants to help make
a sick little baby feel comfy - and even entertain her!
Zoey wanted to help Annicka with
her school work!
(in case I hadn't mentioned - we did the summer
bridge books as "homeschool" over the summer)

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