Monday, September 19, 2011

just dance!

anyone who knows us well ... ok, anyone who knows us almost at all, knows that my hubby is a video game collector. and when I say collector, I mean hard core. we have very nearly every system and so many games it makes my mind spin a bit. the funniest part about it, though, is that he's not much of a "gamer". by that, I mean, he's not too obsessed about playing video games. sure, he enjoys playing and goes through short phases where he's really into a particular game and might play it daily, but that's about it! onto my point (I'm pretty sure I'm capable of writing a novel of just leading up information, lol - I tend to get "long typed" as I sometimes say - it's like being long winded, only it's writing/typing)

... I had a nintendo when I was younger, heck - I even had a gameboy. I wasn't too shabby at mario and tetris either. but to call me a "gamer" would be far from accurate. but there are a few games that really interest me! back in Oklahoma we used to have friends over weekly for karaoke and I quite enjoy those singing sort of video games (even if I am too embarrassed to actually sing in front of anyone, apart from my family). when I was in L.A. I frequented the Best Buy right by my hotel, just to get in a quick round of Beatles Rock Band ... shortly after returning home, the hubs finally started buying those games "for me". and that's where we get to today's story. see, I told you - two paragraphs and I'm finally to what I'm getting at.

Just Dance.

a lot of people may not know this about me: I love to dance. now you know. I took dance lessons from age five up until age nine and was very upset to lose my ride, therefore I was forced to quit. but by the time I was eleven I had moved on to teaching my mom's daycare kids little dance routines and by the time I was twelve I was absolutely certain that I wanted to be a dance teacher. my parents completely and utterly spoiled me funded me to begin making that dream come true during my junior year in high school (as did my $1000 from a car wreck - I remember feeling like I was so rich), but by the time I graduated I was having all sorts of fears about being able to actually support myself and a business and I stopped teaching. it's definitely one of those regrets, however I didn't really have the proper training or business know-how. and, besides, my life is pretty great just as it is!

all that to say (yes, I'm now three paragraphs in and still haven't gotten to my point - love me, please) that the passion for dance is still there. I still love it. love watching it. love teaching it (though that's rare and only with my kids). and, even, dancing myself - shocking, I know. so, I had been asking the hubby for the Just Dance games for a while, it was rock band all over again - lol. well, he finally got a couple of them and guess what: I "heart" them. a lot.

and that's it. all that reading and that was the big part you all were waiting for. a bit anti-climatic, I admit. and, anyway, here are some pics of Annicka playing that very first night we got the games. I'm glad I took these pics, because she has refused to play the games since! even in front of me, she just won't do it. makes me sort of sad, but she is who she is and hopefully one day she won't be so shy about it.

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