Friday, September 30, 2011

the lunch room - September

lunch 1:
100% juice, fruit snacks, pudding, cheetos (Jericho), 
flaming cheetos (Annicka), apple slices, ham/salami/cream cheese
wraps, mozzarella/cheese bagel bite mini kabobs, & soy nut/craisin mix!

lunch 2: 
(close up of "sweet rice")
 sweet rice (in thermos); 100% juice; fruit snacks; sunflower
kernels; mini cheese sticks; bugles; edamame; apple
slices & peanut butter

lunch 3:
(goldfish crackers are in the cute snack containers)
100% juice; asian cracker mix; mini chicken strips; mini
cheese sticks; ham & cream cheese bagel sandwich; 
pistachios (shelled for bubba); & clementine sections

lunch 4:
100% juice; cheese nips; fruit leather; applesauce; 
celery sticks & peanut butter; chicken fingers; pizza;
and edamame

lunch 5: 
100% juice; fruit roll up; bugles (for bub); flamin
cheetos (for Annicka); applesauce; peanut butter &
honey puzzle sandwich; raisins; cheese stick

lunch 6:
100% juice; fruit leather; asian cracker mix; celery
sticks & ranch; 1/2 cheese stick; cheese nips; chicken
nuggets (ocean shapes); graham fish crackers

lunch 7: 
100% juice; turkey & cheese elephant sandwiches; mini
donut; frozen raspberries; cheese nips; grape fruit rolls (like fruit
by the foot); apple slices; gogurt

lunch 8:
(close up of the yogurt raisins that were "hiding"
under the regular raisins!)
100% juice; frozen blueberries; gogurt; graham
fish crackers; applesauce w/cinnamon; 1/2 fiber
one bar; raisins (with yogurt raisins hiding
underneath); triscuit crackers; bbq chicken/cheese
mini kabobs

lunch 9:
gushers; peaches & cream cup; 100% juice;
rainbow goldfish crackers; cinnamon donut; apple
slices; clementine sections; big pretzels; mini
corndogs (ketchup for Jericho, mustard for Annicka);
and 1/2 fiber one bar!

lunch 10:
fruit twists; pudding; 100% juice; frozen blueberries;
bagel "pretzels" for Annicka; cheez-its for Jericho;
turkey and cheese sandwich

lunch 11:
(sweet rice in thermos)
100% juice; asian cracker mix; turkey/cream cheese
roll ups; strawberry cheese cake muffin; apple slices;
fruit leather

lunch 12:
fruit twist; 100% juice; fiber one bar; piece of
pizza; 2 oreo cookies; apple sauce with
cinnamon; and bugles

still nothing super creative ... but being able to look back at the lunches is
still awesome for me!!!  sorry if it's boring to everyone else!

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