Thursday, September 29, 2011

the lunch room - August

I know, right, you all think I'm crazy!  now I'm taking pics of the kids lunches.  cause, ya know, my schedule is pretty open and I have nothing better to do than constantly photograph random things!

no, but really, it's just sort of a fun little "project" I came up with after getting engrossed in some super fun blogs that are on this very subject.  homemade lunches.  "bento" style lunches to be exact.  let me tell ya, there are some super creative folks out there giving their children masterpieces every day in their lunch boxes.  so far I haven't really made the effort to do anything elaborate, it's right at the level that I can both have fun and provide a pretty healthy meal for my kiddos.

so, I decided to make this goal to take a photo of every lunch I make this year.  see, crazy!  but, hey, it's just for fun and I'll have all these cool photos to look back on someday ... not to mention I'll have photographic evidence that, yes, I did make an effort and send home packed lunches!  in case my children's memories are anything like mine and they forget these little things that all us mommies do!

so here, in no particular order, are the August lunches:

first day of school lunch:
celery and carrot sticks; raspberries; raisin/craisin/yogurt raisin mix;
mini oreos; green olive mini cabob (for Annicka); soy nuts; 
crackers; ham; & cheese!  add a 100% juice; fruit roll up;
pudding; a banana

lunch 2:
applesauce; fruit snacks (Jericho); fruit roll up (Annicka);
100% juice; cake fish crackers; clementine slices; yogurt parfait;
pepperoni & cheese mini kabobs (with green olive for Annicka);
pumpkin seeds; sunflower kernels; pretzel sticks; breaded chicken bites

lunch 3:
nectarine slices; celery & carrot bites; goldfish crackers;
pepperoni & cheese roll ups; strawberry cream cheese cracker
sandwiches; 100% juice; soy nut/craisin/yogurt raisin mix;
applesauce; fruit leather

lunch 4:
100% juice; fruit roll up; applesauce;
clementine slices; cheese nips; ham & cheese penguin 
shaped sandwiches; craisins; pumpkin seeds; mini oreos

lunch 5:
100% fruit juice; buddy fruits; fruit roll up (Annicka); 
fruit snacks (Jericho); cheese nips; nectarine bites; 1/2 fiber
one bar; ham & cream cheese roll ups; soy nuts (Jericho);
pumpkin seeds/soy nuts (Annicka); mini reeses peanut
butter cups; sunflower kernels

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