Wednesday, September 14, 2011

quotes of the week ...

Annicka and I were up early to go take care of some puppies I've been watching over the weekend - it was Sunday. we were back home and I was tidying up and getting Zoey's bottle ready ... the house was quiet. then I hear, (from upstairs) "there's a black thing on my penis" ... huh??? I could tell Liam was in the bathroom upstairs and he just kept repeating that - then he started saying, "I hate ants on my penis". oh my!!! of course, I think it was just fluff or something (I haven't confirmed with the hubby yet) - but, to me -for whatever strange reason- it just sounded so funny to hear those words out of my three year old!!!

I was trying to get to the bottom of which one of the boys found bubbles, took them into Annicka's room, and spilled them all over a book and the floor. both boys were denying it and I was determined to find out who did it. I kept talking to Liam about the truth and asked him what the truth was, he responded with: "the truth is ... I love you" ... uh, yah, he was the culprit! lol

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