Monday, April 18, 2011

Zoey's surgery ...

are you in shock? hopefully I'm making a comeback? I know, a post - with photos - it's a miracle!!! we'll be playing catch up this week and looking back at all that's gone on that never made it to the blog. first up: Zoey's cyst removal surgery! there's really not a whole lot to say. we had to be at the hospital at 6am and she wasn't allowed to have any "milk" past midnight ... so, of course she woke up in the middle of the night hungry! she was allowed to have "clear liquids" until 3 or 4am, so daddy gave her some pedialyte (and, if you can believe it - it wasn't clear, it was flavored, and she actually gulped it down ... so fickle). so, her and I headed out early and then had some waiting to do, surgery was at 7:30am. after they took her I went and had some breakfast in the cafeteria, then returned to the waiting room. it was a little over an hour before the doc came out and said all went well (the anesthesiologist had concerns, due to her having reflux - in fact, for a minute I thought they were going to cancel the whole thing). shortly after that I was able to go back and see her and I think I had a little relief this time around to walk over and not be in shock at how my sweet baby looked (the heart surgery was definitely an experience). she was waking up and looking around and seemed glad to see me. they said I could give her a bottle, so I mixed one up right away and she gulped it down! three friends stopped by and brought me an apple cider from starbucks - yummy! after just a little while more I was able to take Zoey home! she did great, we did have to give her tylenol a couple times as her head seemed a bit tender and she was a little fussy. she has recovered well though!

we had to bring Lucy - she's been at every hospital stay

she was really enjoying playing with her oxygen cup -
in fact, that's what she was doing when i first walked back
to see her

back at home, resting on daddy

she had about 15 tiny stitches under the skin,
on two different layers under there,
then dermabond, then the "dressing" and
steri-strips!!! the doc said it was
four layers of protection ... the steri-strips
layer was to keep her from scratching it!

about a week later we had a follow up (we had one the day
after as well) and the doc took off the steri-strips/dressing!
this is pretty much how it still looks, but the dermabond
is really wearing off around the edges now!

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