Friday, April 1, 2011

Zoey's surgery ...

wednesday was Zoey's cyst removal surgery and it went great! I haven't heard anything (they said they were sending it to pathology, just to be sure) but I'm confident it was nothing. The doc said it just looked like a cyst (he named it, but I can't remember) and that the bone underneath (her skull) didn't have any marks or anything, so all looks well. She apparently has two layers under the skin stitched up (a total of 15 stitches, he said they're very small) and then dermabond on the outside, then a bandage covered with steri-strips, which are starting to loosen! So, she has layers of protection from scratching and we can bathe her as long as we don't get it really wet! I have some pics I took with my cell that I'll post, hopefully sometime this weekend! later all!

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