Tuesday, April 26, 2011

what can I say?

this morning has turned to total crap. hmmph. but, don't worry, I'm not gonna let it get me down! here's the story...

last week I set up the picking up of the Honda with the towing company, I was told they'd be at the car shop between 10am and 12pm and that they'd call me a half hour before they'd be there. good, cool - that works.

so, today was the day. I didn't expect a call any time before 9:30am, so when I got home from taking the big kids to school I fed the little ones, ate some breakfast myself, spent a while on the computer (figuring out the discrepancy in my check book) and then got going on the dishes. I was nearly done with the dishes, when (at 10:28am) the phone rang:

me: hello

rude guy: yes, Sasha this is (rude guy) from (you suck towing) and I've got my guy down at the car shop, how long is gonna take you to get there?

me: no one told me to be there!

rude guy: we called. there was messages left at 7 and 7:30.

me: silent pause. oh, I was taking my kids to school.

rude guy: well not checking your messages and saying no one called is two different things. how long will it take you to get down there.

me: 20 minutes.

rude guy: 20 minutes. ok, you have 20 minutes and then he's leaving. CLICK.

WOW. I don't know if I've ever been part of such a rude conversation with a complete stranger. not to mention the more I thought about it, I was totally still home at both 7 and 7:30 this morning! so I called my hubby and asked him to check the answering machine. there was a rather vague message saying they wanted to confirm the pick up of the honda. no mention of a time for me to be there! and according to our magic jack call log, the call came in at 8am! I thought I was home at 8am too, but that's beside the point.

so, I rushed down there. ran into the shop and they found where the guy with the truck was. I had to drive around to there. got out and ... there is no title in this little pouch? what the heck. are you for real.

apparently my hubby thought he carried around the title in his car (which, duh, why didn't I think about that and check ahead of time - that would not be a smart choice) but, indeed, he did not. no title. no pick up.

the Honda is still sitting at the car shop. I do not have a check in my hand for it. and we're desperately searching for the title.


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