Saturday, April 23, 2011

ready to hit the town ...

lately I've been remembering just how "into" dressing my kids I used to be! It seems that with each child, I've become more and more lazy - and I really annoy myself with that! It especially has been bothering me that I so bad wanted another little girl to dress up and make hair bows for, and I find myself not making the time to make those bows for Zoey (yes, she has many - but I still find that we never have the right colors, etc.) and I have this tendency to just throw anything that's clean and readily available on her - gasp! Anyone who knew me the first six years of Annicka's life would probably be shocked to see my children on any given day, any more! it's just insane. I keep telling myself I'll do better. I'll take over Annicka's hair care (she's just not into it and it's usually a disaster). I'll style the boys hair each day. I'll dress Zoey "to the nine" like I used with Annicka ... but so far, it's just not happening!

to some degree, I believe it's a healthy change. I mean, what we wear isn't everything - right? anyway, I seem to have gone on a little rant over my laziness and lack of motivation ... however, this post was supposed to be about just how cute Zoey was looking a couple weekends back when we all went out as a family (the day Liam got his hair cut). of course, Zoey always looks cute - but I mean, she had an especially adorable outfit on and I snapped some pics right before we left and she was just killing me with her little sweet face and how she sat so nicely on the bottom step! so, of course, I have to share!

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