Sunday, April 10, 2011

a return is near ...

I know, right! After a good run it now feels as though it's been forever since I blogged! I don't feel the need to re-call every detail, but let's just say spring break was an epic fail! My body decided to totally not function (I was seriously on the couch/in bed for five days straight) and have breathing difficulties! None of the spring break goals were accomplished, thanks to my sickness! I was barely online for a whole week, crazy right! But, I'm finally bouncing back. I'm finally back to taking pics. My energy is slowly returning and I should be up and blogging in no time! Until then, you know I've been sick. Annicka's re-occurring cough has been back - so she is now on antibiotic, as well as a daily steroid inhaler and a daily nose spray for allergies (and she's now on zyrtec, instead of claritin). Zoey had her little cyst removed the week before spring break and all is well with her! The boys have been well, but over the weekend Liam spontaneously began to break out in a welt looking rash. We think it may be acidic fruits (as it's followed strawberries, orange juice, and lemonade) and he's been having benadryl for itchiness ... it's very strange because it goes away and returns (which is also why we think it may be an acid sort of thing, since it has followed those foods/drinks). Today we had a nice family day out! We ran errands and such and it was really nice just to be together and get out! So, that's us - in a nutshell. Hope everyone else had a better week than I! but, praise the Lord for being on the mend!

p.s. oh yah, and we've also discovered that maybe Zoey just isn't a big fan of baby food? she's been sampling daddy's food up a a storm and loving it and, for the most part, handling it great (no gagging, etc.)! so, perhaps we just need to make meals on the next level??? we shall see!

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