Saturday, April 30, 2011

the amazing adventures of Moon Bear ...

days two & three

Well, I've been with Jericho three days now - but I feel like I've barely seen him. He's been in school and his mom has been either out or really busy with house work ... I don't know if I've ever seen the other moms have so many clothes to wash and fold, she must have been really behind on laundry! Anyway, with Jericho gone, his mom busy, and Zoey and Liam not taking much interest in me ... I've had to find my own things to do:

located some sustenance - YUM!

none of the other moms let me go on the internet,
I quite like it though!!!

did a little more exploring in the boys' room -
I fancy they're piggy banks!

just a quick look - I gotta watch my figure, after all!

I thoroughly enjoy a little artistic expression!

met another pal ... I sure am glad that Liam and
Jericho's toys are so friendly!

it is nice to just have a little time to relax too!

in an effort to see if I can join along for more of the outings -
this family seems to have a lot of places to go some days -
Jericho's mom found me this back pack of Liam's to have!
she even gave me a few playthings for the trips and my
future journeys - cool!!!

tonight I found Liam sound asleep and
decided to give him a quick goodnight cuddle!

then I got to play Lego Batman with Jericho -
it's his most favorite game and likes to
play every single day!!!

I've heard lots of the kids sing this "baby" song,
so I decided to look it up and hear the original version!
I think I've got Bieber fever!!!... and I've made a self discovery:
I LOVE to dance!!!

so, that's about all I really have to say! it's been a couple days of me mostly keeping myself entertained, but the weekend promises to be exciting ... at least I hope for that! and now that I've had my late night dance, I suppose I should sneak back into my room and cuddle up with Jericho for a good night's sleep - it's really late!

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