Friday, April 1, 2011

all the random pics that never got posted last month ...

ok, this one is technically from February! I started putting her in her highchair to drink her bottle (if we're not holding her) - it was one of those "duh" moments! as in, I was wanting to put the little yellow bed up (all the baby stuff can quickly clutter the living space) but couldn't figure out where I'd put her to drink her bottles! well, her highchair reclines - DUH! it's handy because she needs to be reclined still for self-feeding and it's also comfy if she happens to fall asleep!playing with cars and watching tv

finally got Zoey's frame all finished ...
now if I could just do Liam's (not a single pic in it)
and buy two more for the big kids - yikes!

he has a habit of falling asleep in strange places
and in strange positions ... LOL!

way too cute! I remember thinking he looked
a little sophisticated with his legs crossed,
then noticed he was sucking his thumb - too funny!

sweet baby girl - you can't tell, but her little
"lump" is there (looking at her, toward the right -
but you can't see it)

she likes to "help" with laundry!

really glad I got a pic of her new jammies, cause the weekend
of the ER they got tossed ... let's just say, they were
very poopy!

Liam had to join in for a pic ...
this was the day I ended up putting him
in big boy pants for the first time
(here, he is still in his night time diaper)

and - I saved the best for last!
you remember Liam's habit of falling asleep in odd spots and
in odd positions? well, a couple weeks back - still early
in the potty training - I had gone upstairs while he was on the potty.
apparently he was done and daddy told him to wait
for me to come back down stairs to help him get
his underpants back on. daddy was holding sleeping Zoey
and I didn't come down for about 10-15 minutes,
and when i did come down - THIS is what I found (and a
quietly laughing daddy)

obviously I added the sports "stickers" to keep the
photos internet appropriate, but yes - the boy was
underpants-less and sound asleep!

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