Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the amazing adventures of Moon Bear ...

so, here's a little back ground: I guess there's an adventure seeking teddy bear in Jericho's kindergarten class! each week he goes home with one of the children and then he writes about his adventures in his journal! I decided to make this a little extra fun! So, prepare yourselves, Moon Bear (as he's named) will be making a few posts of his own the next few days!

Day One

I knew right away that this family was going to be different! I went home with Jericho today - he's a prettycool guy and boy was he excited to have me! As soon as we got home his mom looked at me ... then she smelled me!!! and said something about ... germs??? But, she decided right away that she liked me, i guess, because after that I got to play all afternoon!

A lot of people are in this house: Jericho has a mom, a dad, a big sister - Annicka, a little brother - Liam, AND a little sister - zoey! All of us played after lunch, then I played on my own while Jericho went to the eye doctor. I was a little sad to miss an outing, but Jericho promised I could go to his t-ball practice!

Like I said earlier, I knew this family was different ... my first day here and THEY LOST ME! I totally missed out on that t-ball practice, but as soon as they got home they were looking for me. I was in the new "toy box", they got me out and Jericho shared his icee with me. Icee's are pretty good, but boy are they cold!

Jericho shared some of his dinner too - waffles with whip cream and strawberries, yum! We watched a bit of tv and then everything got crazy ... kids were everywhere, running around, being loud. When the dizzy feeling finally subsided, I realized there was no company over - it was just Jericho, Annicka, and Liam being (what their mom called) "wild & crazy"! And don't get me started on how my first bedtime at the house went - let me tell you, I was getting sleepy, but the boys seemed to be full of energy and had no interest in going to bed!

We finally made our way upstairs and got to see the boys' room - where I'll be sleeping during my stay. I soon met a great fella, "Guiney", who will be my roomie along with the boys and a few other little friends! The plan was for Annicka to read us all a story, but pretty soon I was reading to everyone - what a joy, I enjoy reading so much! I really like the neato nightlight the boys have. Jericho was sure I did my business before bed too, what a guy! Then it was lights out. The boys continued to chat and keep me from sleeping, but soon enough they drifted off to dreamland ... which meant I could do the same!

Not sure exactly sure what my first impression is over here, but I think I'll have a good stay and an enjoyable time ... I hope!!!

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