Thursday, April 21, 2011

bento lunches and an adorable baby!

so, has anyone else heard of bento lunches? well, i think they're awesome! I don't pack the kids school lunches currently, but I'm planning to go bento this summer and continue from there! I've already ordered a few "supplies", but before that I did a little experimenting with it and the kids really loved it ... and, yes, I had to take some pics!
the same day I found a cute little princess
being extra adorable ... this pic cracks me up!
she was getting her "baby massage" as
daddy puts it - she lays face down on his lap and
he rubs her back and she loves it -
of course, here, she's taking a peek at
mama with the camera!

and this one: LOVE.
I love how she's leaning.
I love her smile.
I love how daddy is smiling too!

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