Wednesday, April 13, 2011

quotes of the week ...

there's currently a commercial that plays (for clorox 2) where a boy slides down a hill on his belly, after being cheered on by not only his friends - but his mom too! the commercial says "it's fun to get dirty" ... well, it came on one day and Liam was really paying attention to it, and he goes "it's NOT fun to get dirty"! lol - yes, that's my little Liam ... he really doesn't appreciate being dirty - as soon as he's done eating, he wants his hands washed, etc. I just thought it was pretty funny!

so, I finally got Liam's hair cut ... not just trimmed, but actually a new style for the boy! when the lady was all done I asked him what he thought and his response: "it's perfect"! glad he likes it, glad hubby likes it, me - I'm still trying to get used to it! another cute thing that "happened" was when Liam said something like, "that's my mama, she's Shasha"!!! I was shocked, I didn't realize he knew my name - oh goodness!

right now I'm sitting here with Liam and Zoey ... I just taught Liam the little diddy: "match in the gas tank, boom boom". He LOVES it and is being so cute singing it over and over into our echo microphone toy! I love these babies so much!

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