Saturday, January 7, 2012

super model(s) ...

I just love these pics!  taken on a saturday morning (this morning) with my glasses - the kids loved it and it was so spontaneous, which is always when you seem to get photos full of personality!!!  and that I did!!!

Liam couldn't wait for his turn, and in true Liam fashion he put the
glasses on upside down! 
(I remember when Jericho put everything on
upside down and backwards - and now Liam is in that phase ...
backwards wedgie anyone???  lol)

Liam's (first) turn was cut short because bubba (aka:  Jericho) 
needed a turn too!!! 

and then, back to Liam ...
"sweet faces Liam" - that's what I tell him all the time,
especially when he makes these clenched teeth faces - oh my!!

love the brother pics!

I am SO in love with this pic.
if only Annicka were in it too, then it would be perfect!

work that runway little man ...

ha ha - these last three just screamed "runway" to me - for whatever
reason!  love all my little super models!

p.s.  Annicka didn't join us in the "wear mama's glasses" fun ... she
was too busy stuffing popcorn in her mouth!!!

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