Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year ...

 what a fabulous time we had over at our friends' house!!!
we definitely rang in the new year with smiles on our faces
and love in our hearts!!!

 Zoey was pitter-pattering all over the place!
 which reminds me, yes - she's a "walker" now!!!
I say that because she is up and "walking"
(or "taking steps") at least 50% of the time now,
often choosing on her feet over crawling!

 a little b-ball

 Liam adored these little figures ... they're like the ones we 
have and he was just in heaven playing with them!
he was in the doorway -in his own little world- probably
half the night just playing away!!!


 the hubby took the little ones home
for bed about 8 o'clock and I stayed with the big kids to continue on with our fun!  (I know - sad
to not all be together - but trust me, it's no biggie to my hubby ... he went home and fell asleep!)  we had lots of fun visiting and played a couple games too - pictionary was super fun!  the pics above I just couldn't resist taking!  we were playing boys vs. girls and after this play we were all busting up with laughter!!!  good times!

 at midnight we went outside and made some noise - the kids, of course, loved that!  what a fun time ... and yay, it's 2012!!!!

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