Saturday, January 14, 2012

a slight concussion ...

lately Jericho has been requesting that I call him my "poodle" like I 
did when he was a baby, I think it's sweet!  

my poor little guy suffered a slight concussion last week, here's what happened:
I was at my mops steering team meeting and all the kiddos were there!
now, normally that means maybe four to five small kids...
but we were still on Christmas vacation, so it was more like a dozen
(or so) kids of all ages!!!  so, my boy -being a boy- decided
to ride around in one of those cozy coupe type cars (ok, it was technically
the police one or whatever -not the traditional red/yellow type- this
has led to much debate when explaining the situation - lol)
that he's too big for.  apparently when he tried to get out of it -through
the window, mind you- he tipped it ... sending himself
crashing to the floor and his buddy that was riding on the back
then followed and landed on Jericho's head!

honestly, I heard the noise and turned to look and saw that it was Jericho ...
but he was getting up so I thought all was well.  but a few minutes
later he came over to me acting strange, initially I just thought
he was being either dramatic or comedic, but quickly realized something
wasn't right and then he started making these faces and noises
and I had a feeling I knew what was coming ...

"WHAT?" I said loudly,
"I need the bathroom, I have to barf" was his reply.

oh. no.

I ran him to the bathroom, and barf he did - poor thing.
my mind was racing at this point.
for one, I hate vomit.
for two, he hadn't mentioned not feeling well and I was a little
devastated to think he was coming down with something...
something that could be contagious, my biggest fear.

he complained of being dizzy and having a headache.
I asked him if he'd felt fine before falling and he said he hadn't
felt sick at all.  so, it was time to call the doc's office
and see what they thought.  I was going to leave a message for 
the nurse, but the lady said it could be a while before I
got a call back and maybe I should go ahead and
take him to urgent care.  ok.

so, I packed up all the kids
(I admit it, I was sad to have to miss my meeting - but, priorities, ya know)
and we headed to town for a doctor visit.

the conclusion was that it did seem as though he
suffered a slight concussion and to keep an eye on him for the 
next 48 hours.  he was fine and could do all the little
things they have them do, but it can change so you have to be mindful
of that.  no needing to wake him from sleeping or anything
drastic though.

I made him take the two days off from anything like
bike riding, but he was and has been completely fine - my tough little guy!

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