Thursday, January 26, 2012

quotes of the week ...

this is pretty funny!  on monday Liam was talking to Nana (that's my mom) on the phone.  he really enjoys talking on the phone with her and they have simply wonderful chats ... usually they consist of Nana talking and Liam being distracted, or Liam giving every detail about a toy or something he's playing with - then he'll hold it up and say "see it?"!!!  Nana is quite patient, even dealing with Liam just zoning or crunching his snack in her ear while she says "are you still there?".  LOL.  cracks me up!  anyway, Liam was on the phone and I had it on speaker phone to make it easier and so she could hear me if I threw in some comments ... I was in the kitchen fixing lunch and could hear him (in the living room) telling Nana about Dora, which he was watching.  then I hear him ask her, "does your kid like to watch Dora?".  crack. me. up.  oh my gosh - I totally giggled out loud!

today (1-25-12), while walking to the school -

***pause:  yes, people, I walked - but don't get too thrilled.  I actually drove from my house and parked half way between our house and the school - then got the stroller and the littles out and we walked the other half.  seriously, it's probably like one-eighth of a mile or something ... but I'm so out of shape, I have to start slow (there are benefits to being slow though, Liam walked with me and since I'm not rushing I don't get antsy to have his little legs speed up - I was amazed at how much of it he walked too!!!).  I'm attempting to force myself to "be better" (remember that) and given recently finding out my cholesterol is high, it's truly time to get serious about the way I live!  it's always been a struggle, but hopefully in a few months I'll have good news - we shall see, and if you like go ahead and pray for me!!!***

Liam informed me that "at my birthday, I want a little pet puppy".  oh my gosh - the way he said it was so stinkin cute too.  for about a fraction of a second I was tempted to actually indulge in the thought of making his birthday wish come true ... fraction of a second being the key phrase!  there's no way we can afford a pet and I already have enough to do with four children and a hamster!  but I had to share, because it was adorable.  he even said "and I'll play with it and I won't get dirty".  awwwwwwresist. resist.  maybe one day, little man.

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