Friday, January 13, 2012

the boys' room ...

the boys room got a room re-do for the new year!!! there's a lot left that could be done and most of the toys made their way out, but some will return - so it looks somewhat empty with bare shelves and such - but as usual I will call it "done" for now! I wish it still looked this clean, but you know kids!!! anyhow, they now each have their own bed instead of bunking and it's working out just as well as bunking did ... which isn't so good if they're both in there to go to sleep at the same time - I so wish I could have a five bedroom home! anyway, it is what it is and it will work - cause it has to! I thought it looked cute so I took some pics!

my hubby and I have debated over the geotrax since the first set I purchased!
personally, I love them and I think all kids need a "train"!
but, I have to admit, he was right about them having so much - wow!
so, I sorted through it all and chose pieces to stay in there room ...
the rest will be sorted again and I'll choose some for the up and coming
playroom (no, it's still not done - at all) and then sell what remains!

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