Friday, January 20, 2012

picked with love ...

a couple weekends back I came home from errands (my usual weekend happening) to find a vase on the table ... a vase, full of beautiful little yellow flowers! Jericho picked them for me, how sweet is that! he was very proud, I could tell by his little face, to show me what he had found in our yard and picked just for me.

I have to say, I loved it! I love the way the flowers have their long stems and seem to fit so nicely in this vase I happened to have. I love the yellow. I love my thoughtful little guy and how he thought of me! ... so, what was I to do with all that love - take photos, of course! if only I'd thought to get a pic of him with them!

we noticed right away that these are pretty cool flowers too - at night they close up and in the morning they open back up - Annicka first noticed this and we all find it pretty cool! (I know lots of flowers do this, but we've just never noticed any "in the house" ones doing it)

I should note they're lasting quite well, it's been a week (as of me writing this) and their still looking pretty nice!

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