Thursday, January 12, 2012

quotes of the week ...

that's right, trying (yes, again) to get back into the habit of keeping track of all the cute, funny, and even obnoxious things my sweeties say!  I'm going to try to just keep this open on my laptop all the time, that way I can just run over and add things throughout the week as the pop up and out!!!  so, here's the first cute quote of the year:

mama:  "Liam bean, don't you wanna sit here and eat with me?"
Liam:  "no"
mama:  "why?  these eggs are really yummy"
Liam:  "cause I'm not hungry right now ... my tummy doesn't say feed me"
(good one Liam - and who am I to argue?  I have a real wishy-washy attitude when it comes to eating at meal times ... on the one hand, I do think the kids should be eating healthy and eating what I've cooked/prepared!  on the other hand, I don't want them eating when they truly are not hungry - 'cause I don't want them forming that bad habit!  tough stuff in the parenting world!!!)

so, this afternoon Liam was being quite the wild man.  I mean, like seriously he was hyper and revved up.  that's when this convo occurred ...
mama:  "oh my goodness Liam you are so crazy today, why are you so crazy right now?"
Liam:  continues to run around wild, this is when his shirt occurred to me
mama:  "is it because you're wearing your wild shirt?"
Liam:  "yah, it's because I'm wearing my wild shirt ... I wanna take it off!"
ha ha ha, too funny!  and, I have pics to come!!! 

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