Sunday, January 29, 2012

new toys ...

I think I've mentioned, at least a few times, my love of yard sale-ing! in fact, I seem to remember at the start of 2011 trying to blog more about my finds ... well, we all know how that went. anyway, i do indeed enjoy yard sale-ing and go out most saturday mornings to do so. some weeks there's only a couple sales, others there's more than twenty!!! I pretty much always stay on base and I really enjoy finding a good deal. that has very little to do with this post though, other than the fact that this new toy came from a yard sale (and I don't mind admitting - so has most of my kids clothing and even shoes for the last six months ... my kids clothing spending has dropped dramatically, because of my "new" love of thrift stores and yard sales for those items).

anyway, this saturday morning I caught a couple pics of the little playing with Zoey's new toy!

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