Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Zoey at two ...

on the 24th Zoey had her two year old check up - stats:

22.9lbs & 31.1" tall

Zoey says:

bubba (for all the siblings)
baba (for bottle)
buhbye (bye-bye)
ooooo (food)
ow (and it's real cute when she draws it
out ... sounds like E.T. when he says ouch)

*and she makes all sorts of little sounds and such that
clearly indicate her desire to speak and communicate more ...
and sometimes she even makes noises in a sing song
pattern, like she's trying to sing - precious*

Zoey signs:
food (and she now makes the "oooo" sound with the sign)
all done
more (not often lately though)
milk (though it's sometimes hard to determine if she's signing 'milk' and saying
baba -for her bottle- or if she's waving bye and saying 'bye bye')

Zoey can:
wave "hi"
climb (stairs, couches, small tables, etc.)
wave "bye-bye"
eat very well - even a little with utensils
drink from a straw (and we need to transition and say bye to the bottle,
but she's a little resistant and as of yet hasn't finished an entire straw cup drink)
play - she LOVES to play
get along without us (I have left her with my close friend and she even
tried out the nursery last weekend at church for the first time)
give kisses
she still will slap her rear-end if you tell her kiss my butt - lol
high five
fist bump (she used to put her hands together and bump with both -but
now she does it one handed, so cute)
blow kisses
give hugs - they're the best - it's absolutely precious when she
wraps her little arms around your neck and holds on!
"hambone" (if you say ham-bone to her, she starts slapping
her legs - sissy talk her this one!
put her finger to her pursed lips for "shhh" (she makes
a little sound too, but it's not quite "shhhh")
shake her finger at you for "no, no, no"
she will lean her head on her hand and say "aaaahhhhh" (this is
another one sissy taught her and another one she'll copy/do on cue)

Zoey loves:
us - she really does!  she loves to watch all the action around here, she loves
to kiss and hug us, she loves to play with us, she loves to be a part of everything!
her baby dolls - she cuddles them and hugs them and can even put them 'to bed'
by covering them up with a little blanket - it's so cute
noisy toys - like little pianos and such
people - she's sometimes a little shy, but usually loves when people
say hi to her and pay her attention and she'll usually give them a smile!
to dance

Zoey wears:
some 12 month clothes, but mostly now she's into 18 month and even 24 month and some 2T - just depending on what it is!  she's getting longer in the torso so it's shirts that are the bigger
size, but still a little smaller in pants/shorts/etc.
 size 3 diapers
size 5 shoes

 she wasn't being cooperative for some party day pics!
but, of course, she's still cute as a button!!!

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