Thursday, February 2, 2012

quotes of the week ...

I'm going to start with one I keep forgetting to mention ... and, since it's been a couple weeks, I can't remember the direct quote - but one night Jericho was complaining that he was hungry.  he had been eating a lot and daddy said something like "you just ate" to him and his reply went something like "yah, well I'm still hungry ... see ... my stomach's flat - that means I'm hungry".  LOL!  (a funny side note, he's also been saying "I'm so full, look how fat my stomach is" - silly boy!

this next one comes from my hubby - as in, he wrote this one down!  what a guy!  I was at a women's fellowship/bible study last friday with my friend while our hubbies stayed at our house to continue with our regular friday get-together , and when we came home my hubby told me what Jericho had said and that he (hubby) wrote it down for me ... I was impressed!  so, here it is:

daddy:  "I like when you do legos, it's good imagination"

Jericho: (I believe he said this as he walked away) "it's NOT imagination ... it's REEAAL thinking"

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