Thursday, February 23, 2012

quotes of the week ...

so, I've been slacking a little on the blog!  truth is I haven't been taking tons of pics lately, I've had a terrible cough, I've been doing a "juice fast", I've been lazy, and ... well that's all I got - unless I should also mention that now that I have about four orders to fill my sewing machine has decided to act up!  argh.

but, I thought I'd stop by and share a cute quote from this morning!  I had called Liam my baby!  as in, handed him his bowl of breakfast "snacks" and said "here ya go baby" ... to which I quickly made sure what I meant, by saying "you're always gonna be my baby" ... his reply, "yah, I'm your baby - but just with hair".  LOL.  I love you little Liam bean!!!

later that day:
oh - he gave me another one!  Liam found my gum and was asking about it and wanting a piece!  the other day I gave him some gum and he swallowed it - so I told him (today) that he could have a piece of my yummy strawberry gum, but that he can't swallow it and has to keep chewing it and NOT let it fall on the floor either - it must stay in the mouth!  ... so, I've made the littles lunch and sit back down (yes, at the laptop - I know, mother of the year) and after a few minutes Liam says, "how long do I have to chew this gum?".  it was at that point that I realized he's sitting there holding his banana, but what he's chewing is the gum!  (yes, again, mother of the year - a good five minutes went by of him holding that banana while chewing the gum that I had completely forgotten he had).  It was at that time that I had to explain to him that we spit out our gum to eat and that he can do so - so he can eat his lunch - lol!!!  love these little life moments!

and then, while I was writing this, he saw a commercial and said:
Liam:  "I'm gonna get you a snuggle ball" 
Mama:  "you are!"
Liam:  "yah,snuggle balls are little pet dogs to snuggle"
what a sweetie he can be!!!

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