Friday, February 10, 2012

I still can't believe she's two!!!

are you sick of hearing about Zoey and how she's two years old yet?  well, these are the last of the pics of Zoey "turning" two - from the night of her mini party!  ... but, I still can't really believe that I have a two year old.  She's starting to outgrow her 12 month clothes and in fact she's getting so long that she even wears some 2T's for tops!!!  it's sort of hit me the last couple weeks that we really are done having babies.  the baby days are really, pretty much behind us - and we will never have babies (ours anyway) again!  mind you, it's a sad thing to me -yes- however I do not have baby fever in any sort of way.  I'm way too overwhelmed to even imagine what it would be like to have any more babies and maybe that's for the best, since I always thought I'd be one of "those people" who never felt "done" having babies!  but, let it be known, I feel done.  very done!!!  and, onto the pics ...

with her babies ...
well, how else would you carry two babies at once???

I love this, ha ha, looks like she's doing a little jig!!

that's my girl - she never disappoints for a good laugh!

playing with her new building toys!!


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