Monday, February 20, 2012

my hair ...

last night I did something I've never really done before - colored my own hair!  so, technically when I was a teenager I did attempt a few bleachings, colorings of small parts of my hair - but this was different!  my grays were taking over and my highlights were fading and I had grow-out (it was last June that I last had my hair colored) ... so, the cheapest solution was to give it a try at home, "myself"! 

I wasn't too far into the painting of my hair when I had to send Annicka for my hubby ... it was clear I was gonna need his eyes and his help - so, he took over and got my hair all "painted" and covered with the coloring "cream"!

a 35 minute wait and then it was time for me to rinse and see how we did ... I was nervous!  but, guess what, we did well!  I had to play with the photos (Annicka took them for me) since they were a little dark - so the colors may not be exactly accurate ... but you can definitely see there's a difference, apart from just the fact that it's washed and been blown dry nice and straight!

hubby keeps saying "it's really brown"!  lol!  the lady told me to go with a medium brown, saying that was my natural color, before going too dark (and said that the color would be darker than it appeared on the little sample strand) ... but hubby and I both agree that my hair is lighter than my natural brown!  I like it, though, and I can always go darker if I want to - but it would be difficult to go lighter, probably!

so, there it is - my super long hair all "did"!!!

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