Friday, February 3, 2012

in the car ...

I'm not even going to get into all my "beliefs" when it comes to safety and kids being in car seats/booster seats and extended rear-facing and all that!!!  but, on Zoey's birthday (yes, she turned two - lots of pics to come) I decided to take some pics to remember her in her infant carseat ... since she's an inch away from outgrowing it!

I also took a pic of Jericho ... still in his same seat, but he has to use it as a belt positioning booster now as he's exceeded the 52" height limit for using the harness (I might add I was very upset to realize that - but he was quite excited, and has been bugging me to remove the back of the seat too).  At his seven year old check up he was a little over 52" and he weighed 57lbs! 

so, Jericho is all settled with his new seating arrangement and I'm preparing for some big changes ... soon, Liam will be turning around - gasp!  I know, right!!!  we went to WIC last week at he was 37+lbs. - which means he has just a little over 2lbs until he reaches the rear-facing weight limit of 40lbs!  soooo ... it really makes no sense to spend $300 (plus tax, plus shipping as I insist on having the black and hot pink one for Zoey) on another of the Graco smart seats ("all in one") for Zoey - because we don't need the feature of being able to easily turn Liam forward for long trips any more, so he doesn't need his!  so, I came up with the best plan:  he's going back in his air protect and facing forward (it's a bear to install rear-facing, but a breeze to install forward facing) and then for just $59 I will be purchasing all the pads & covers in that girly black and pink design for "his" carseat and it will become Zoey's (and I'll have backup pads & covers - which is always nice). 

with all those changes made, all three of the kids will be in car seats that can "easily" be moved from the van to the car - if ever needed!  nice!!!

oh, yes, and while I'm on the subject - Annicka now sits in the front!!!  yep, she's only 11 but she's taller than me (she's 62 and 3/4" tall) and is about 115lbs so I told her that she could sit there after her b-day (she was pretty excited and I really enjoy being able to finally have her right there with me)!

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