Thursday, February 16, 2012

quotes of the week ...

as I buttoned Liam's pants for him (he can't do that yet and had asked me to help him out) he looked up at me with those big blue eyes and oh so sweetly said ... "what would I do without you"!  talk about melting my heart!

a couple weekends ago daddy came to church with us ... and our friends came too!  so, afterward, we all went out to lunch together (so fun, by the way)!  the hubs decided that Zoey needed some of her "chippies" (the gerber type they make for toddlers) and so he took Liam and walked over to Toys R Us to get some!  well, apparently when Liam noticed the building and the sign he said:
"I don't wanna go to toys for brats"
oh my gosh - lol!  so, then I found out where he got it from - there's this show the kids watch called Mad.  it's a "skit/sketch" type show (and, admittedly, it's meant for older kids and the boys shouldn't watch it at all - but anyway)  so I guess there's an episode, well here - check it out ...

yah, I know, nice (not!) ... but anyway, hearing that he'd said that was pretty funny!!!

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