Thursday, February 9, 2012

quotes of the week ...

well, I had quite a few - but let's see how many I can remember!

last Friday our friends brought the movie "Courageous" for us to watch - I must say, it was really good ... but I had to excuse myself at one point to get myself under control as I literally wanted to just sob!  thank goodness for my husband's knack for comic relief ... it's the only thing that kept me from crying, repeatedly!  SPOILER ALERT:  right at the start a vehicle is stolen and the man fights and is half in the window and you know something is very important, come to find out they open the door and there is a baby in the back - already I was teary and said "I'm already crying" ... to which my hubby so wittingly said, "Sash is just happy it's rear-facing".  oh yes, that's my husband - love him, so much!!!  we ALL laughed of course and it was quite hilarious, I must admit!  not too often do I have quotes from the adults in the house, but it was funny and I want to remember these good times we have with our bestest friends, the Romeos!

here's another older one that I never wrote down, Jericho has been having a real hard time with homework lately ... we won't even get into that, but one day he said:
"I'm calling 911 to get you arrested!"
(he then made the fake call)
"my mother's insane, she's making me do homework"
oh my dear and wonderful Jericho, if only you realized how much I detest homework.  I hate it just as much as you do!  I hate that you are away from me all day and then have to come home and do more school ... personally I feel that homework is really putting a wedge between you and I right now.  You are so bright, though, and I pray you will outgrow this difficult phase soon!!!  I love you my little rascal!

Liam:  "hey"
mama: "hey is for horses ... and cows"
Liam: "hey is for humans too"

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