Sunday, July 22, 2012

a little June recap ...

most of our photos from June were taken during our time in Albuquerque, but there were a few from that first week and I decided to just put them all in one post!  all random, just "day in the life" sort of fun stuff!

this is what I woke up to one morning ... we had a slumber party of sorts and I guess
Liam ended up on the couch with Annicka - lol!

Annicka and I had seen a late showing of Snow White and the Huntsman and when we got home
this is what I found ... Jericho is sound asleep in the tent, Liam - not so much ...
oh and yes, you can see that daddy was asleep too - ha ha ha hah!

really?  wow!

the fifth grade had a field trip to the base pool ... nearly an entire school day of
swimming, food, and fun!!!  she had a great time, despite her initially saying she wasn't going
to go - and despite the fact that she really wanted me to be there the entire time!
which, of course, wasn't gonna happen with two littles to drag along!
so while hubby was home for lunch, I busted over there to say hi and take some pics!

this is the "I'm scared now" photo ... 
yes, that's Jericho.
yes, he's in the rafters of our garage.
yes, it was hide and seek!
I laughed and nearly choked - at the same time - when I saw him up there!!!
he did make it down safely and has been told, in no uncertain
terms, that this is not ok (and neither is getting on the roof - his other ambition).

I don't have any pics, but this, of our first day of summer break!
the kids woke up at the crack of dawn - of course - and were restless and bouncing off
the walls by 9am!  so we packed up and walked to the commissary
for some groceries and lunch ... Zoey fell asleep on the way home!

so, the first batch of eggs disappeared???  I don't know anything about nests, eggs, birds -
but I'm so darn curious as to how the birds could get the eggs out?  I guess their
claws?!  anyway, right before we left for our trip Annicka noticed there were new eggs
in the nest ... there were five in all!!!

her hair is always in her face, so i decided to give it a try!

Zoey's little black dress!
I love it.
it's adorable on her!
did I already say I love it?
add the red shoes and she is one stylin babe!

I had some fun with this one!!!

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