Saturday, July 21, 2012

Santa Barbara Zoo field trip ...

sadly, the hubby's grandpa passed away back in May, and though I was planning to attend Jericho's field trip to the zoo - I didn't think I'd be able to go when hubby left town to attend his grandpa's services.  thankfully my friend helped me out - and between her and Annicka (I kept her home, because my friend is pregnant and so I figured Annicka could do all the lifting of Zoey and such) the little kids were taken care of and I was able to go.  (hubby had a safe trip to/from Arizona and got to see some family he hadn't seen in ages - not to mention an extra little visit with his mom, brother, sister, nephew, and our nieces just a bit before we were headed to Albuquerque for our annual visit)

I'm so happy I was able to go too, because I had a great time ... even if it did seem like we actually spent more time on the bus than at the zoo!  it took nearly an hour and a half of driving, each way!  but I had a great group of kids and I took photos of lots of animals and it's a great memory with Jericho!

here's my pics!

funny side note:  this "monkey" really entertained all kids near it by not only taking a pee in the "river"
under it ... but a poo too!  all the "ewwwwws" and "grosses" and giggles were funny!!

I thought this was a pretty cool view!

what are they looking at? 

a gorilla!  he was so cute!

he took a little stroll and gathered some hay ...
then used it for a pillow and laid back down all comfy!

a fun little hill where the kids can use pieces of cardboard and slide down!

how sweet is this!
all tuckered out, he fell asleep on the ride home!
what a special day with my little boy ...
Jericho - it was a blast!!!

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