Thursday, July 19, 2012

proof that we have friends ...

I know, another dorky title! you know we have friends, cause most of you reading ARE our friends!  but I was just thinking that I so rarely take photos of adults and so there's little photographic evidence of our friendships here in Cali!  LOL!  stop laughing.

anyway, not a fantastic pic by any means (my friend there, Jill, she'll forgive me - she's awesome like that) but there are our friday night friends Jill & Dino (and that's hubby in the background, off in his own little word saying something - probably funny or sarcastic or both!)!  pretty awesome we have friends who will cook us dinner every other week - huh!!!

we love you Jill and Dino!!!

and while the guys were outside chatting while dinner cooked, hubby got a little silly with Zoey!  awww, isn't he handsome!

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