Friday, July 20, 2012

baseball ...

 (he noticed I was trying to take a pic, so he hid - stinker)

on this saturday morning the hubby was helping a friend move their church's temporary pastor,
so I had got to take all the kiddos along to Jericho's baseball game!
 she's had been doing good with a straw cup (remember, these pics are from late May)
but while on vacation we didn't use one at all!!!  I'm happy to add, however,
that she didn't forget and has been completely on cups for over a week now (as of July 12)...

 they played a lot in the trees that day!

 all set up with a snack and look at that face!!

 they caught a big bumble bee!
 Liam didn't mind being all up close and personal, until Annicka accidentally flicked it toward him!
 she eventually got it in there - but the poor bee was hanging on for dear life!

ha ha ha!

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