Thursday, July 12, 2012

quotes of the week ...

I know - it's been too long!  I had some quotes way back, but can't find them now!  no matter - I can catch up with a few from our trip and since we've been home!

Jericho ... "mama we need to go there and DEMAND they don't take away Nick, what has spongebob on it" ... sounds like a weird quite, right?  well, we have these commercials going about how we're going to be losing 25 channels and that was Jericho's response to it - LOL!

many of you know we were in New Mexico for nearly three weeks visiting the hubby's family!  it was pretty hilarious one night as Liam sat eating his dinner (it was late, cause he had taken a late nap) and suddenly he bursts out singing "any way you want it that's the way you need it" - what a crack-up!!!

one night while on a walk Liam was attempting to tell us who he was talking about (he was riding on daddy's shoulders and telling us something) and he goes:  "her, the old girl" ...
I know, poor grandma, but we all laughed!
then he continued:  "she doesn't have her steam stick ... her stick with fire, she threw it on the ground"

last one from vacation!  Liam was having a time out in the room we were sleeping in, which Zoey shared with us - so her monitor was in there.  I could hear him saying something, so I turned it up to hear:  "six they don't love me, seven they don't love me, eight they don't love me ..."  dramatic much?!  ha ha.

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