Saturday, August 4, 2012

we're having a break.

"WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!" ... sorry, but all I could think of after giving this post that title was the famous line from 'Friends'!!!

anywho ... here's the low down.  

as you can probably, very clearly, see - we're having a little blog break.  

yes, this seems to be the new "normal" over here.


well, it's called life

and I'm busy with it!  life, that is!

oh, I have hundreds of photos from our Albuquerque trip and the entire month of July
that need editing and put up over here ... but I just seem to always have so much
other things needing doing, that those pics get a little neglected.

here's a cute one, though ...
that's our little miss adorable at the beach a little over a week ago!
Annicka swears that I've taken Zoey to the beach before, but I don't remember
that at all - so I dubbed this her first trip.  and, just as a fun side note,
she adored it!  she loved the sand, she loved the water,
she loved it!!!  she's a beach baby for sure!

anyway, back to my point.
I hate to make it "official", but given that I know how far behind I am ...
and I'm talkin this is rare for me, to be over a month behind on editing pics, I guess
I'm thinking it's gonna be at least a week before I might, MIGHT, be 
anywhere near caught up.

p.s.  yes, I love run on sentences.

so, I hope to be back to posting regularly by next weekend - that will be my goal!
to anyone reading, thanks for understanding that life with four kids -
and let's not forget that it's life as a temporary single parent right now - is CRAZY!

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