Friday, May 9, 2014

sprinkler fun, part 1

 if you're a reader and you catch all the posts from this day, you'll notice that a few
of the photos are repeated - maybe even more than twice!
those are my very favorites, ones that spoke to me or seemed to need a few
variations of edits ... in the end, I couldn't choose ... and, after all
this is my blog - and our scrapbook - so I decided to just include all the pics!!!

haha - what a face!

those eyes of hers, they are magical!

she had so much fun that day!

 seeing her run around was amazing!
she ran and ran, smiled, laughed and giggled!

these posts don't necessarily need to say much!
the photos sort of speak for themselves ...
Zoey absolutely had a blast, as did all the kids!
and I'm still excited every time I look at these pics - 
and realize that the "good camera" needs to come out more often, again!!!

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