Saturday, May 3, 2014

149 photos - sneak peek ...

 last night our neighbors had their sprinkler up and running ...
of course, all my kids wanted to join in on the fun!

at first, I wasn't going to let Zoey participate - but when I saw that none
of the big kids were really using it, I realized that she should be safe ...
and that it would be a fun opportunity to pull out the "real" camera!

by the time I brought Zoey inside - soaked, cold, shivering, and protesting ...
I was nearly jumping up down with excitement to slip in the memory card and view 
what I had captured.  though my camera is giving me some difficulty
lately - I managed to get some pretty cute pics!

this is just a sneak peek ...
I really should be cleaning house, but I am so enthralled that I continue
sitting here at the computer - editing photos of my little beauty!

and don't be surprised if you see these pics again, 
they are some of my favorites of what I've worked on so far!

oh yes, and about that blog post title ...
I sure did take 149 photos last evening!!!
what can I say?
I get into it!

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