Wednesday, May 21, 2014

on a stormy night ...

the kids begged me to let them play outside.
no, I'm serious.
a storm was coming on suddenly and I think a few drops had even fallen from the sky.
but they sort of insisted and I figured, eh - why not?

so they ran around like little hooligans!
chasing each other.

Zoey was doing her own thing!
I think I sat her here for a time out?!
 goodness look at those allergy shiners!

I took many photos of the sky!
at first, just because it looked so cool ... but just after going outside I thought 
of something - an idea struck me!  so I really starting snapping pics!

what was the idea?
well, I've been working on Zoey's room - 
one of my projects was going to be a painting saying 
"you make me happy when skies are gray"
(to go with the "you are my sunshine" painting I was also working on)
anyway, I though a nice photo art piece might be cool - 
so I went with it and aimed to get a good pic of the gray skies!!!
here's what I came up with for her wall:

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