Friday, May 2, 2014

flashback friday: childhood memories

for a while now I have considered starting a blog for one specific reason - to document the memories I have from childhood.  I think I have come to the conclusion that I don't need another blog for this, including here is appropriate - after all, this is the blog that documents our everyday life; and my memories are a part of that!

it's just little snippets & tidbits ... very random little things that I don't ever want to forget.  memories that I want to pass on to my children - and sometimes I feel like I'll forget or I'll tell them, but they won't remember.

since my grandma passed away, I have missed her a lot.  not because I called her and talked to her a lot ... not because I saw her a lot ... but because I loved her a lot.  as a kid I visited my grandma & grandpa every summer.  I remember biking around their (nice) trailer park.  I remember the hills I loved biking down - being able to lift my feet and just glide down, wind in my hair!  I remember all the squirrels and how I loved peeking at them from the big dining room window - and the deer that we could sometimes catch a peek of (grandma didn't like it when they were eating her garden goodies, though)! 

the home made play dough she would make me ... and playing on her back porch.  I always loved to color - and grandma always had crayons, stored safely in her desk (which I now own).  I remember her soap, the peachy colored caress - I remember that smell!  it's been a long time, but on the few occasions I've smelled that smell - it always takes me back to grandma's house.

after a week with her & grandpa at the house, my dad usually joined us and we would all go camping.  I remember being very bored out on the boat - the idea of fishing was always exciting, the actual doing it could get pretty boring ... but, I was a pretty well behaved kid, so I dealt with the boredom!  and the catch was worth it, grandma made the best trout over a fire!!!  I actually remember even helping to clean the fish - I think I thought it was interesting!  and my favorite part of camping was the water pumps ... they were the old fashion style, I remember imagining I was Laura Ingalls and I would pretend I was "fetching water"!!!  ha ha.  oh, childhood.

we usually also saw my grandparents for Christmas and/or Thanksgiving.  the best part of my grandma's house in the winter was that they often got a good amount of snow - and I loved to play in it!  back to those hills, there was one that was great for sledding!  I actually remember sledding with my grandma - good times!

and now, for some pics ...

this beautiful framed photo hangs at my aunt's house ...
I believe my grandma was around 9 months or a year (she told me, I've forgoten)

this is my all time favorite pic of my grandparents!  I believe it was in the early 1950's!!!
I first saw this photo a few years ago ... on my first trip back home (it was just Annicka
and I, back in 2003) I took Annicka and we went to visit my grandma!  while there, grandma
showed me her slides (another fun memory, and my aunt was there too) and she 
let me go through all her photos and make copies of them for myself!
let's just say this photo and I:  love at first sight!!!

and this is how I remember grandma & grandpa
this was at their house in Bend ... in the dining room - I remember that big
built in hutch, that candle must be sitting on the table that I remember so well ...
and it looks like this was taken at Christmas time!!!

me & grandma

our home for camping!!!

 showing off the catch!!!
this was probably one of the last summer's I went for my visit to grandma's ...
of course now, as an adult, I wish I had kept going every year - back then I thought it 
was "boring" and didn't go after the age of about 11 ... makes me sad, honestly.
I think I was 9 or 10 in these pics - check out my awesome home made outfit - thanks mom!!!

I finally caught a fish this year - my first ever!!!
see those stairs in the background?  I used to play on those ... and the back porch
they led up to!  grandma always had pretty flowers in her yard ... and over there, across the
street, is where I could spy so many squirrels - and sometimes deer!!!

a few years ago, my grandma sent me this beautiful hand made angel ...
this past Christmas it finally made it's way to the top of our tree!

when up in Oregon a few months back, when my grandma passed, I was lucky
enough to get to look through my grandma's jewelry chest ...
it held some real treasures - not because of their monetary value, but because
so many items reminded me of grandma!  some of them I could 
actually remember her wearing (the earrings especially) ... and it made me smile to see
some of the random little things, reminded me of myself a bit!

grandma was an amazing lady ... I will always remember her and I will treasure my memories!

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